I figured out very early in my life that I was meant to make movies to tell stories and entertain people. Oh sure, I’ve done a whole bunch of other jobs, but the world of entertainment is where I belong. This is my calling.

It took me a while to start doing what I was meant to do. As a teenager I made TV commercials in LA. That was okay, and I still make commercials now. But it wasn’t what I was meant to do. Nor was working as a railroad conductor, helping people find lost luggage at the airport, driving a bus, teaching school kids, or running a farm (all of which I did).

In my 30s I formed and ran a repertory theater company in a rural community, and I loved doing it. I slept four hours every night for three years. I couldn’t sleep any longer because I woke up passionately ready to work on something for the theater, such as finding new plays, designing a set, working on the website, researching the newest trends in theater.

But after those all-consuming three years I realized I could make a single motion picture that would be seen by more people than an entire season of 11 productions at my theater.

I tendered my resignation to the board, gave them my blessings to do what they wished, and wrote the screenplay for my first feature film.

Every year since I’ve made another movie or created a web series. And now I live in a place I love, do work I love, surrounded by people I love.

On my little farm in the Cascade Mountains we have two cats, nine chickens and a pond full of fish. During the summer we have a campfire outside and listen to the wind rustling the poplar trees. In the winter we stay up late playing games at the kitchen table and watch the cats chase the red laser beam up the wall. We host filmmakers, artists and writers to enjoy the beauty with us for weekend retreats.