Actor Reels

Professional actors have professional reels. Amateurs don’t.

Pros work. Amateurs don’t. It’s that simple.

Actors have 17 seconds to impress the casting director.

We create reels that get actors work without auditioning.

“In just one minute, Paul managed to showcase a wide range of my performances in a smooth, seamless way. He had an eye for finding the most worthwhile cuts while maintaining an entertaining pace. I’m very pleased with the result.” – Gary Lee

“I’ve been cast without auditioning! Industry people tell me the reel is ‘brilliant.'” – Parvati

“Paul produces a smart product. He puts his stamp of professionalism on everything he does. Unquestionably, I would work with him again.” – Marion Markham

“Paul captured the pop of the clips I sent him and made my reel jump off the screen. And he is a joy to work with. He knows what the casting directors and agents want, and he knows how to make it happen.” – Susan Kirby

“I’m absolutely amazed at what Paul was able to create for me. I didn’t even know if I had enough footage for a good reel. He’s got a great eye for making magic happen! Thanks for the quick turnaround, professional service, and a great product. I’ve recommended Paul to others, and I’ll be back for more!” – David Harper

Laura was unable to get any footage from her projects. We created the entire reel in one day of filming to show some of her range. This is also an option for theater actors or beginners. Nowadays you can’t even get auditions without a reel. We’ll take care of that.

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