Music video production for Edewaard

I Know Who Knows

Friday night.

Me: Hey Matt. I just finished filming a gig here in town. I’ve got my equipment. Wanna shoot a quick video?

Matt: Yeah, sure man. Why not.

Me: What do you want to shoot?

Matt: Who Knows.

Me: It’s your music. I sorta figured you’d have an idea for a track you wanna lay down.

Who Knows.

Me: Okay, well, we can play it by ear.

Matt: No, I have it memorized.

Me: What?

Matt: Who Knows.

We recorded this in only four takes at Matthew Feltes’ Central Node Productions. Matt laid down the vocal and guitar first, then recorded percussion and the other strings on the other three takes. I synced the four video files in unison to the studio recording that was created and edited the music video.