Video production for advertisement for museum

Customers want to hear your story

It’s not about how great your product is.  It’s about how and why you make it great.

I decipher the importance of your story and create a way to share it with people who are eager to listen.

As an example, West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue is overwhelmed with abandoned kittens every spring. They need people to foster kittens on a temporary basis. By staging this story in the kitchen, an organization volunteer speaks directly to camera while storing kittens in the cupboards. This video is bringing a lot of attention to the organization and more volunteers.

A museum needed to engage men with how fun it is to explore. 

A start-up website needed a simple brand recognition video explaining what their site offers. 
A community theater organization has a loyal audience from the boomer generation, but needs to reach Millennials. They needed video to show the potential customers what they would see before they commit to seeing it.

To some people, the term ‘science’ is too intimidating, and parents are apprehensive to take their kids someplace they feel uncomfortable themselves. We showed the Science Factory is fun. 

A multi-national corporation needed an American voice to engage US project managers and engineers. We adapted their French marketing with American footage to create a local message.

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